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Month: November 2020

Changing Consumer Behavior Demands Businesses Adapt

Consumer habits have changed rapidly since the outbreak of coronavirus. This prompts business owners to think of new ways to engage with their customers.

These days, many consumers prefer to transact through an app or delivery service, rather than visiting a physical outlet. This change in consumer behavior certainly has a direct impact on the business, especially for retail businesses.

For businesses that already have online services, just change the strategy by focusing on online sales. The problem is, quite a lot of businesses that have only physical outlets and don’t yet have an online channel to market their products.

In this situation, businesses must respond quickly in order to survive. Unsurprisingly, many businesses are starting to use WhatsApp as their sales channel. Given the number of users, this messaging platform is indeed a very potential medium.

Now, consumers can almost order or buy anything through the messaging app. Ranging from vegetables to body care products.

In addition to small businesses, big businesses began to implement this strategy. Call it Hypermart, one of the leading retail chains now providing Park & Pick services.

Consumers can order the groceries they need via WhatsApp and take those orders without getting off the vehicle, staff from Hypermart will deliver them. Payments can be completed with electronic payments to minimize contact. Although cash payments can also be made.

It’s not just Hypermart that does sales through messaging channels, The Body Shop has now done the same. They call this feature Personal Shopper by WhatsApp. Consumers can order the required products and the product will be delivered to the consumer’s home on the same day. The service is campaigned through the #stayatyourhome hashtag, supported by various product package #stayathome. In line with the encouragement to keep quarantined at home.

Beyond the two big brands, there are many more businesses that run sales through online channels and messaging apps. This needs to be done by businesses in response to changes in consumer behavior.

This method is relatively effective, where businesses can still promote products and make sales, but health and safety remain a priority.

Many economists predict that the behaviors of consumers that occurred during the pandemic will most likely continue, even if the pandemic is over. Thus, delivery services, shopping with minimal contacts, as well as cashless transactions, will continue to be a trend. So businesses need to continue to make it part of their marketing strategy.